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UDN:STA2-TMXV-SUXM-5594A-Rl3D under set up on samsung tv

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Samsung Smart 3D tv manual, how to setup the stand, how to take out of box, how to set up control remote , how to set up 3d glasses, how to set up netflix, how to set up for the first time turning on, basic set up step by step guide, how does voice command work, how does remote work, how to manual for 30 inc 40 inch 50inch 60inch 70inch 80inch 90inch Samsung tv. UDN:STA2-TMXV-SUXM-5594A-Rl3D under set up on samsung tv. Samsung's H6400 Smart LED TV is where crystal-clear picture, smart online content, and 3D visuals collide to deliver a superior entertainment experience. You can enjoy all your favourite online content from the comfort of your couch with the intuitive, ergonomic Samsung Smart Control remote.60" Full HD display boasts 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution for incredibly detailed imagesIncludes Active Shutter glasses, so you can enjoy immersive 3D movies, games, and moreRedesigned Smart Hub and built-in WiFi makes it easy to access apps and online content that's catered to your interestsTV SoundConnect uses Bluetooth technology to transmit audio from your TV to a Samsung-connected Bluetooth audio product, so you can enjoy outstanding audio without the clutter or wires and cablesMicro-dimming technology delivers better blacks for improved shadow details and accurate colourSamsung's Smart Control remote is comfortable and intuitive to use with support for gesture and voice recognitionNFC capabilities on the remote control enable easy Tag and PlayWhat's in the Box3D GlassesIR Extender CableRemote ControlBatteriesPower CableSlim Gender CableManualHow to set up wifi, how to set up internetUN60H6400AFXZCofficial
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